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Fructose/Sugar Articles

Sugar May Be Bad, But This Sweetener is Far More Deadly, Part 1 of 2

Research shows this sweetener can cause much more damage than table sugar to human metabolism, trigger early signs of diabetes and heart disease, and cause dangerous growth of fat cells around...

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Obesity Is a Biochemical Problem Rooted in Excessive Fructose Consumption

25 Jun 2016 | 225,850 Views

And if you overconsume it, it's taking a hammer to your pancreas, liver and brain on a daily basis - affecting your body in much the same way as alcohol. It's the reason why 4 in 10 normal weight suffer from this "pudgy" disease.

The Truth About Sugar

12 Dec 2015 | 262,777 Views

So beware if you're trying to slim down and boost your health. Researchers now believe it's the main culprit behind obesity, diabetes, and a host of other chronic health problems. Avoid it and you may see your health biomarkers improve in as little as 10 days.

Alzheimer’s — A Disease Fed by Sugar

13 Aug 2015 | 349,971 Views

Compelling evidence now shows this food destroys your brain, making certain parts unable to carry out complex processes. Besides shunning this food, here are 2 other astonishing ways to prevent Alzheimer's... one even works like a vacuum cleaner to flush waste out of your brain.

Sugar Industry Secrets Exposed

25 Jul 2015 | 404,214 Views

It may just be cancer's best friend, and can almost triple your risk of dying from heart disease. Yet despite the industry knowing the dangers since the 1970s, they've kept the facts about this popular food hidden from you until now...

Eating Sugar Makes You Stupid

08 Jul 2015 | 99,698 Views

After four weeks eating a high-sugar diet, mice had serious declines in their cognitive functions. Are your sugar binges slowing down your brain function and even putting you at risk of brain diseases down the road?

Sugar Industry Has Subverted Public Health Policy for Decades, Study Finds

25 Mar 2015 | 277,801 Views

They could be cracked, yellow, and infested with cavities. Or they could be white and healthy. It all depends on which road you choose. I urge you to choose the road less travelled, which sadly, is not the one recommended by the majority of media sources.

Elevated Sugar Intake Linked to Significantly Raised Risk of Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease

16 Mar 2015 | 261,840 Views

It's a difficult food to avoid. In fact, the average American consumes one-third of a pound per day - but the World Health Organization is warning against consuming more than 5% of your calories as this - it could lead to diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer...

New Science Website Reveals the Truth About Sugar

10 Dec 2014 | 317,086 Views

If you're struggling with nearly any disease or condition, it likely has a strong link back to this single culprit. Including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia, and more. If you want to be - or get - healthy, toss anything containing this into the trash. It's not worth a death sentence.

Obesity May Speed Aging of the Liver

29 Oct 2014 | 292,513 Views

If you're obese, your liver may be five or even 10 years older than your chronological age would suggest.

Science Review Reveals Laundry List of Health Hazards Associated with Splenda Consumption

18 Dec 2013 | 649,548 Views

It's not so safe for cooking after all - and nearly just as bad unheated. This popular sweetener that many people swapped for aspartame can ravage up to 50% of your good gut bacteria and cause seizures, migraines, and even blood sugar spikes and weight gain.


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