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Artificially Sweetened Drinks Can Lead to an Early Grave

18 Sep 2019

Some drinks are offered as a more sensible choice for those concerned about how much they're eating. While sugar has been linked to an increase in chronic disease, researchers have now found sugar-substitute drinks raise your potential for an early death as well. Choose to flavor your water with your favorite fruit instead of consuming artificially flavored and packaged drinks.

Beware the Latest ‘Diet’ Fad: Artificial Sweeteners Fortified With Vitamins and Minerals

26 Feb 2019

Sounds great in theory, but don't fall for it - with or without their latest 'sensation.' While it adds a bit it subtracts hugely from your health, triggers an impending health disaster. Invites obesity, diabetes, metabolic and gut dysfunction, even heart attack and stroke. Is it worth the risk?

Glycine Quells Oxidative Damage by Inhibiting NOX Superoxide Production and Boosting NADPH

04 Feb 2019

Finally, there's a way to add a touch of sweetness to your tea or coffee while your health benefits. Because it's so effective at reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, it holds great promise as a simple and inexpensive health aid to help guard against disease and tumors.

Splenda Should Be Sued for False Advertising

04 Dec 2018

Manufacturers of the artificial sweetener sucralose (brand name Splenda) have long claimed that it neither metabolizes nor bioaccumulates in the human body. But recent studies have suggested otherwise, which is why a consumer group has asked the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate.

The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs and Sugar — Your Brain’s Silent Killers

18 Nov 2018

Unless you want your risk of Alzheimer's to soar like an out-of-control fire, don't touch this food with a 10-foot pole. It's like dropping termites inside your brain. Make no mistake about it, as the decay of your brain is only a matter of time.

New Splenda Studies Confirm Its Dangers

05 Sep 2018

It's meant to be the healthy option, but a recent report makes it clear that it actually rips the best bacteria out of your gut, accumulates in your cells and increases the pH level in your intestines. It should carry a big red warning label.

Is Your Sweet Tooth Setting You Up for a ‘Sugar Crash’?

04 Aug 2018

Brings death and disease to kids so young they can barely walk. And you too. It's alcohol's 'innocent twin' whether you realize it or not. Pummels your liver and body even without outward signs. This movie gives you a glimpse of your future if you choose to ignore this.

Sugar Coated — How the Sugar Industry Managed to Dupe the World for Decades

21 Jul 2018

These food purveyors love to assault you with deceptive studies. But if you eat what they serve, you should prepare for a radically shortened life, as it's linked to a 2 to 3 times heart disease death risk, plus uncontrollable cravings and more. Instead, embrace these 9 life-saving tips.

How Big Soda Quickly Destroyed California Democracy

18 Jul 2018

In an unprecedented political move, the beverage industry held the California legislature hostage to pass a bill banning soda taxes. Using additional strategies borrowed from Big Tobacco, they hope to stop soda taxes across the country.

Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer's Strengthens

22 Feb 2018

In fact, this striking study has revealed it increases your risk of dementia by a whopping 89 percent, while this forbidden food lowers it by 44 percent. It's time to take on these cherished falsehoods that are pulverizing our brains.